Visit ai.botatwork.com and sign in using your credentials. Once you log in, you will see a list of tasks in the first column, categorized under various headers like writing, emails, etc. Click on a task, and a configuration form will appear in the second panel. Fill out the form, click submit, and your results will appear in the third panel.
Not necessarily. Most tasks only require one mandatory field. The rest are optional. Mandatory fields are marked with a red *.
Click on the 'start afresh' link next to the submit button. This resets the form, allowing you to refill and resubmit it. However, if you only want to change one field, you can edit it and click submit.
Absolutely. On the left bar, you will find icon that, when clicked, displays all the tasks you have completed in the past. These are categorized by date. Click on a date to view the task list with a timestamp.
We understand there may be times when you input confidential information. By turning on incognito mode, your queries will not be stored in our system. To enable incognito mode, click on the icon. Click it again to turn it off.
Indeed, we do! Clicking on the icon in the left bar activates dark mode. Click it again to deactivate it.
As an enterprise tool, we take security very seriously and do everything we can to protect your data. Some of our measures include:
  • All communication between the user and the web application happens over HTTPS and is secured using SSL.
  • The web application uses SSL/TLS certificates when communicating with the database server, ensuring secure data transmission.
  • Data, when stored in database tables, temporary files, and backups, is encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), or better, with symmetric keys. These data keys are encrypted using a key stored in a secure keystore and changed regularly.
  • Only a few trusted members of the development team have access to the database, and their permissions reflect their need to interact with the data.
We currently use LLM models by OpenAI through an API. OpenAI's terms of use clearly state that they do not use our queries for training their model, and they do not store our queries for more than 30 days.
We are developing an admin feature that will allow users to create their own tasks. In the meantime, please email us at info@botatwork.com with the details, and we will create the task for you.
Yes, we can. Please email us at info@botatwork.com for more details.
Yes, we can. Please email us at info@botatwork.com for more information on how to enable this feature.
Bot@Work is a remarkable tool, and we hope it both delights and surprises you. However, there may be times when Bot@Work can make mistakes, so we highly recommend reviewing the response before using it.
We are working with language models that have a cut-off date of September 2021. We are hard at work resolving this, but for now, please be aware that the answers will come from a knowledge base with a September 2021 cut-off.
Yes, you can. Please email us, and we will set that up for you. You can also set up tasks specific to each department.
We continually strive to add new tasks and capabilities. You can expect at least one major update every month.